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Review: Cooler Master Stacker 830 - Back in Black

by Matt Davey on 19 September 2006, 08:33

Tags: Cooler Master

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First Impressions

Before we say anything else we have to comment on the size of the Stacker 830. Its dimensions of 250mm (W) x 536mm (H) and 638mm (D), making it one of the larger cases in the world of chassis, in size at least, as the Stacker 830 tips the scales at a very respectable 14kg given its generous proportions.

Cooler Master Stacker 830

Given its bulk the Stacker 830 is going to need more space than your average case so enclosed desk spaces are out. It’s a top-of-the-desk or on-the-floor scenario for this one.

As we unpacked the Stacker 830 one of the first things you are greeted with is the manual.

Cooler Master Stacker 830
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Its thickness is daunting, but, in fact, being multi-language it's actually not too bad. Not only that but it's very clear and concise, with options such as a vertical fan-mounting and BTX compatibility covered.