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Review: Antec P150 - Quiet PC

by Matt Davey on 23 June 2006, 18:52

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The way we all see our PCs has changed over the last 36 months; it's not all just about performance inside, it's also about what’s on the outside that matters. The change in the chassis manufacturer’s portfolios has seen the introduction of HTPC cass as well as the newer generation BTX format.

So what does that mean for the consumer? Basically, the introduction of these new formats has brought to the forefront factors that were previously considered secondary - thermal and acoustic properties.
Antec P150

Antec introduced the P160 chassis at the very end of 2003 and followed it up with its larger brother, the P180, which was specifically designed for thermal and acoustic excellence.

Now it’s the turn of the dedicated quiet case. The Antec P150 Performance One Chassis has appeared on the market with a RRP price around £100, but for that you do get a high-end chassis with a quality PSU, so let’s take a look at just how good it is…