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Review: Lian Li PC37

by James Morris on 17 July 2003, 00:00 3.5

Tags: Lian Li

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We have all heard of the case giant, Cooler Master. They have produced some stunning and well-built computer cases in their time. Cooler Master are not the only ones to have built some great aluminium cases though. Remember Lian Li also produce some very nice cases with a lot of variety of styles and colours. The past few years they have been very popular, especially with the Lian Li PC60 range that comes with a fan controller and dozens of thumbscrews. Lian Li cases are generally always equipped with goodies and easy to use features. Take for example the removable hard drive rack that was seen in the PC60 range and has been carried onto most of the new Lian Li cases to date. Not only do they come up with some great designs but they do have a bit of humour within there ideas. A few months back they released an Aquarium Side Panel. This comes with a cold cathode and various floating novelties and fish to provide a calm appearance.

Anyone who has ever owned a Lian Li case knows the build quality is outstanding compared to other aluminium cases, excluding Cooler Master. Although in my opinion Cooler Master are a step in front of Lian Li, but this is often reflected in the price. The average Cooler Master case is around £160 where as the average Lian Li case is about £120.

The case we have for review is a Lian Li PC37. It’s a rare site to see a Lian Li at HEXUS, but we thought this case was quite unique that it just needed to be reviewed and explored further.