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Review: Coolermaster ATCS 630

by Bob Crabtree on 30 June 2003, 00:00 3.5

Tags: Cooler Master

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A few years back when I first started messing around with computers, I can remember those horrible beige desktop cases that housed all the technical components. They usually sat underneath a nasty 14 inch monitor that had a curved screen that was worse than goldfish bowl. These desktop cases seemed to disappear as the popularity of tower cases increased. There are a few main advantages why the tower case became more popular over the traditional desktop case. Greater cooling and space were the main reasons why people started using tower cases.

Recently Cooler Master have released a new model to add to there current range of cases. The Cooler Master 630. There are 2 models within the Cooler Master 630 range.

  • ATC-630-S21: Silver Aluminium Front Door + Silver Coating side panel.
  • ATC-630-B21:Black Aluminium Front Door + Black Coating Side panel

There are also 2 other similar models to the Cooler Master 630. These have been named the Cooler Master 631 and have an air guide to help cool processors such as the top of the range Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz. The airguide can be seen on the picture below.