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Review: AOpen Hx08

by David Ross on 20 July 2000, 00:00

Tags: Aopen

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I must say, the case is huge, and has room for expansion. With 7 drive bays you can have RAID without an extra chassis (the 7 drive bays are in 3,5" format, so don't think about 7 10000 rpm disks, since you won't be able to cool them with hdd coolers). Most people won't have use for all 7 drive bays, and you won't be able to fit an extra power supply into the case (the current one is 300W, which should be enough for most of you guys out there), cause the 3.5" brackets in the back top of the chassis (for hdd's) is in the way. Myself would like to have room for an extra power supply, cause all my devices and fans are using lots of power (my Seagate Cheetah 18.2 GB U2W disk with a 3 fan HDD cooler is sucking power like crazy!). Compact design isn't always positive.

You have to unscrew 8 screws to get off the sides! What happened to easy dismantle? There is 2 screws holding the top cover in place, then there is 6 screws holding the case walls (3 on each). Well, I found out it was too much, so I only use the 2 screws for the top cover. It is enough, the top cover holds the case walls, and the walls aren't that easy to slide off, so they should stay in place with only 2 screws.

What I dislike about the case, is that you have to remove your CD-ROM's or everything mounted in the 5"25 brackets at the top of the chassis when you want to remove one of your hdd's which are mounted in the 3,5" brackets. There is also not much room for cords and cables in the middle whole, I have had much trouble with it, and I had to solve it by placing some cables on the outside. Because of the small hole in the middle, there is little room for air flow if you have got a lot of cables (hdd's, cd-rom, floppy etc) and cords (for fans etc). The chassis is tall and have room for a lot of expanding, but it's not very wide. If it had been wider, airflow would have been better, and you wouldn't encounter problems life having to use all your strenght trying to get the floppy cabledown the middle and into the floppy connector on the motherboard.