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Review: Global Win GW802 Case

by David Ross on 2 June 2000, 00:00

Tags: Globalwin

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Being computer gurus we all need to open up our cases every 2 mins to install some memory or a new graphics card, it is hard to find up a screw driver, if only someone would make a case which you didn't need to do this, but also on a budget range! Well fear not GW have found a case which does all of this for you. Globalwin buy cases and kit they like then they mod them to suit our needs, which is good in the long run!

The general design of the case is very clever, but it only has 2 removable panels, this is a major flaw there isn't much room for upgrades! The best feature is that all of the panels slide off which allows full access to the motherboard and the internal components, i.e CD Rom, motherboard, Hard drive. The top and sides clip together and it means you can remove it as one large case or as lots of little pieces, all of these panels are removed by the use of thumb screws.

Another feature which i first found with the Aopen HX08 case is the removable motherboard plate, the coolermaster case had the same feature. This tray is held in by thumb lock screws, this system is very useful; you can remove the motherboard from the case and get full access to work on it, this is very useful for people but the problem is you need to unplug everything from the motherboard before hand! but when the motherboard is installed in the case there is still lots of room to make adjustments, add or remove cards and connect internal cables. The hard drive and floppy drive cage can also be removed by thumbscrews.