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Review: Corsair Obsidian Series 700D: more than a case of déjà vu?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 14 May 2010, 05:00 4.5

Tags: Obsidian Series 700D, Corsair

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As the power-draw of high-end components continues to rise, especially with respect to graphics cards, building a top-line PC requires genuine thought from the grounds-up.

After making a mental shortlist of the parts that you would integrate, we reckon it makes a lot of pragmatic sense to consider the purchase of a chassis first. A quality case will outlast the components and will make for an easy build.

But which criterion needs to be ticked off for a case to be considered decent from all viewpoints? Corsair attempted to answer this with its first enclosure, Obsidian 800D, launched in the middle of last year.

The gargantuan chassis won many admirers but, now, Corsair reckons it's time to strip the tower enclosure back and launch a simplified version with a slightly more amenable price-tag.

We take a look at the Obsidian 700D and see it if can live up to the standard set by its sibling.