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Review: Coolermaster ATCS 201

by David Ross on 28 January 2001, 00:00

Tags: Cooler Master

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Pictures II

The drive bays, showing the front two 80mm fans and the fan for the top blowhole. There are 4 * 5.25" external bays, 2 * 3.5" external bays and 4 * 3.5" internal bays. The front of the case showing three out of four 5.25" drive bays loaded. From the top - Pioneer DVD 105-S, Creative CD-RW, Soundblaster Live!Drive IR, FDD, 100Mb ZIP drive. (the photo is leaning - the case is really level!)
Closeup of 80mm fan (with grill) at rear of motherboard tray. This shows the location of the rear fan in relation to the two processors mounted to my Abit VP6 motherboard.
One loaded motherboard tray, ready to install! (Yes, that is 4 * 128Mb CAS2 SDRAM DIMMs)