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Review: Gigabyte 3DAurora 570 system chassis

by Matt Davey on 12 November 2007, 09:49

Tags: 3DAurora 570, Gigabyte (TPE:2376), PC

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Introduction and specification

Gigabyte is a company with fingers in many pies, some that we in Europe never even see. From motherboards to mobile phones, laptops to coolers, the company covers a huge number of bases.

PC system cases are yet another product line that Gigabyte makes but it was only with the introduction of the 3DAurora that these looked anything out of the ordinary. The 3DAurora established a solid base for Gigabyte and one from which it could move on to a higher level.

That's represented by the 3DAurora 570 case we're looking at today. This tips the scales at around and is pitched around £100. That's the big-boys' territory - Lian-Li, Cooler Master and Antec all have prime chassis ranges at this price-point.

So for Gigabyte to compete effectively, it will have to have upped its game a notch or two, especially since there are cases even around the £50 mark that can deliver features and performance - notably the Triton 180.

Originally, there was only one 3DAurora design available - albeit in a couple of colours - and from this popular model, the 570 variant was spawned. The most noticeable changes are a space increase of around 10 per cent and some tweaking of the front.

But there's more to the 570 than that, so let's dive in and see what Gigabyte's latest case has to offer the enthusiast.


Dimensions 570(d) x 205(w) x 522(h) mm
Material Aluminium
Weight 9.5kg
5.25in external Five
3.5in external Two
3.5in internal Five
Expansion slots Seven
System fans Three 120mm units
Water-cooling preparation Yes
ATI R600/NVIDIA G80 compatibility Yes/Yes
Model variants Two - silver or black
Manufacturer code GZ-FA1CA