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Pioneer introduces its first SATA DVD burner

by Bob Crabtree on 30 April 2007, 12:02

Tags: Pioneer

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The news

Pioneer now has available a burn-everything internal DVD writer with a Sata interface. The unit is offered in beige (DVR-212) or black (DVR-212BK) and being sold to consumers as well as system builders.

Burn speeds are said to be 18x for write-once DVD-R and +R blanks, 10x for two DVD-R DL and +R DL and 12x for DVD-RAM.

As you'd expect, the burner uses Pioneer’s Disc-Resonance Stabiliser technology to control the airflow generated by high-speed disc rotation and minimise disc warping.

Reliable writing and reading are said to be further enhanced by:

* Buffer under-run protection

* A multi-effect liquid crystal tilt compensator - to "ensure precise writing" to the disc by automatically compensating for discs that are warped or of uneven thickness

* An ultra-dynamic resonance absorber - claimed to reduce the instability and vibrations caused by imbalanced or damaged media

* Performance-adjusting firmware - reckoned to optimise rotation speed to suit the job at hand, for instance holding down disc speed to keep down noise when watching movies or listening to music.

Find out more from the company's press release on page two and give a welcome in the to one of the few SATA burners currently on offer.