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AMD seeks CPU Engineer to optimise its graphics drivers

by Mark Tyson on 23 February 2015, 13:20


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AMD has become ever more aware of how important it is to balance development efforts on both software and hardware. To make the most of the potential its processors can offer well written and optimised software drivers are needed and we've seen AMD pushing the likes of Mantle, HSA and its Omega drivers to help AMD hardware users eke the ultimate performance potential from their kit.

WCCF-Tech noticed a new AMD job vacancy posting on LinkedIn this weekend, evidence that AMD is looking to improve its driver software further. The role is, in short, a CPU Performance Engineer, with a focus upon optimising graphics drivers. More specifically the successful applicant will analyse benchmarks and games with an aim of reducing observed bottlenecks caused by the CPU.

It sounds like AMD has decided that CPU optimisations offer great potential in improving the performance of systems built around AMD hardware. The CPU Engineer will work on multi-threaded driver optimisations making the most of the multi-core AMD CPU architecture and help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) implement the best practice to make the most of AMD hardware.

Overall it's not a very surprising vacancyto see advertised, but it is a good sign that AMD is continuing to invest in improvements to its drivers though hiring talent. The successful applicant will also probably be working on exciting new architectures at AMD including the first world's HBM 2.5D 'stacked memory' graphics cards, members of the Radeon  300 Series.

For those who are interested, and/or potential applicants, the full text of the job vacancy is reproduced below:

We are looking for a CPU performance engineer working with highly talented 3D graphics driver developers to optimize graphics drivers. The responsibilities include analyzing CPU bound benchmarks and games to identify a variety of CPU bottlenecks in drivers, optimizing the drivers, and providing optimization actions to ISVs. The candidate will analyze new CPU architecture impact on driver performance and translate into actionable tasks. This position requires the candidate to collaborate with graphics and CPU architects at multi-sites across multiple graphics driver components.
Qualifications and skills
•Must hold a B.S or higher degree in Computer Science/Engineering
•Strong programming skills in C and C++ with in depth knowledge of assembly code
•Have 5+ years of CPU performance tuning and optimization experience
•Familiar with multiprocessing and multi-thread programing
•Understand CPU and computer system architecture
•Experience on AMD CPUs, 3D graphic driver development, Windows OS memory management, CPU ASIC design/debug, and performance tools like CodeXL is a big plus
•Ability to communicate, cooperate, and thrive in a team environment

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