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Folding@Home ready for PS3, with GPU version making progress

by Steve Kerrison on 24 August 2006, 16:04

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Distributed computing operation Folding@Home, a hugely popular molecular simulation project, yesterday announced a client version for the Cell processor found on the up-coming Playstation 3 console.

Cell's multi-core architecture will allow computational performance in the region of 100 gigaflops, say the Folding team. Further, the PS3 will allow Folding@Home to visualise the simulated processes using more advanced techniques, including High Dynamic Range technology. It will be possible for proteins to be examined from any angle in real time.

Software from Sony will allow Folding@Home to run on the PS3, hopefully leading to a new wave of participants, whose spare CPU will help research into protein folding and diseases related to it, such as Alzheimers.

On the back of the PS3 news comes the announcement that inroads are being made towards a GPU-powered variant of Folding@Home that will run on ATI's chips. Beta versions of Folding for ATI GPUs are being internally tested at the moment, with an open beta expected at the end of September.

For more details, check out the Folding@Home website.

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I wonder will the PS3 overheats for Folding 7x24
not unless its designed by microsoft
The more cycles the better for this project in my opinion, would love to do it but the girlfriend is the Keeper of the Bills, and therefore when not in use PC is off!