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Plans for Microsoft’s ‘Threshold’ Windows update take shape

by Mark Tyson on 2 December 2013, 19:46

Tags: Windows 8, Windows Phone

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A report today from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley discusses Microsoft’s plans for the next wave of Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One operating system updates. Ms Foley was tipped of the upcoming changes by her contacts in Microsoft’s inner sanctum.

Since the recent release of Windows 8.1 and Xbox One, Microsoft has apparently been planning an update codenamed ‘Threshold’, which aims to move towards unifying Microsoft’s software platforms by bringing them closer together. The codename was mentioned in a Microsoft internal email penned by EVP Terry Myerson and probably derives from a planet in the original Xbox game Halo, perhaps in hope reflect its abilities to support the same “high-value activities” across all Windows devices, hinted in Microsoft’s summer Shareholder letter by Steve Ballmer.

As yet, other than the codename and the general thrust of the progression towards unification and interoperability between platforms, we don’t have a lot of information about ‘Threshold’. Spring 2015 is a pretty distant way away in computer news. However between now and then Spring 2014 is, also according to MJ Foley, when we are expecting to see Windows Phone ‘Blue’ (Windows Phone 8.1) delivered.

Windows 8.X adoption decelerates

On a related note, a report from TechSpot highlights a deceleration in growth of Windows 8.X, despite the 8.1 update released late in October. According to the report, Windows 8.0 and 8.1 have barely grown to 9.3 per cent of the market share from 9.25 per cent during the first full month of 8.1’s availability – that’s a gain of just 0.05 points. Figures show that Windows 7 did better in the same period, growing by 0.22 points.

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well i upgraded to windows 8.1 and it is awesome, i can barely see metro ****, i'm number one hater for metro and windows 8 metro style and sticked with windows 7. after trying windows 8.1, i advise every windows 7 user to upgrade, windows 8.1 UI is pretty much like windows 7 and when you get somehow used to metro ****, you can organize it same as start menu, still not a fan and liked start menu better, but bringing back start button with right click shortcuts is really good move from microsoft.

try it on virtual machine and you will definitely upgrade. and sooner or later you will if you are a gamer as DX 11.2 will only be supported on windows 8.1
I don't want my PC interface to be more like a phone, i will get no real performance increases and i hate tiles. Its not selling particularly well for good reason and i will never be “upgrading” to it.
I tried upgrading to 8.1 and it failed alongside a generic error message like “Encountered an error and could not proceed. Your computer has been returned to its original status, no changes have been made.”
Really, really, useful - thanks for the advice on where to start fixing it, Microsoft.
Think I'll stick with 8..
Ugh, I'm an ardent fan of Microsoft and hate the way they're going with this. Windows is the better OS platform mainly because of the way it is easy to use for desktop/laptop users. It also caters to the gamers by giving them a stable working platform where games can be developed for one PC platform without needing to worry about the minority. I hope they don't forget this and in the process of unifying the platforms, destroy everything all at once. As a gamer, I'd hate to have to move to another platform which just gives me headaches while gaming.
Being a software manufacturer it makes sense for Microsoft to travel this path as for most users unification thus working on any device has to be a benifit, so i like the idea subject to that you get all the good bits and less of the bad from a unification.
Its a path Apple are unlikely to presently take as they are principally a hardware manufacturer so its in their interests to keep OS's diverse to sell more hardware.