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Google Video Marketplace

by Steve Kerrison on 7 January 2006, 14:42

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2006 International CES

Google is extending its Video download service to include a store where videos can be bought and rented. The service will include video from major networks, sports events, cartoons, educational videos, music vids and news archives.

Three big names participating in the construction of the new marketplace are Sony 'rootkit? what rootkit?' BMG, CBS and the NBA. CBS's line-up of shows include a number of the Star Trek series, crime science drama CSI and that all time classic featuring the legendary Richard Dean Anderson (yes I'm a Stargate fan), MacGyver.

Historic ITN news footage will be included, along with classic NBA matches, Charlie Rose interviews, Cartoon Classics and slips from the Getty Video archives. Google insists there will be thousands of videos to choose from with the list growing by the day.

A new player will be available for downloading and viewing Google Video content. For portable device users, more specifically PSP and iPod owners, non-copy protected content will be available for the devices in a format optimised for playback on them.

Google seem to be providing a broad enough range of genres on the marketplace to attract attention from a wide audience. Many won't see the point in downloading sit-coms, but may be interested in the news archives or educational documentaries, for example. They're also promoting this service to indie movie makers, Google's Larry Page saying the following:

Google video will let you watch lots of high quality video on the web for the first time. You can search and browse, and we make it fast and easy for you to watch. For video producers and anyone with a video camera, Google Video will give you a platform to publish to the entire Google audience in a fast, free and seamless way.

Google rock or Google flop? We'll have to wait and see.


HEXUS.pr :: Google's press release
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