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NVIDIA releases WHQL 266.58 ForceWare drivers

by Pete Mason on 19 January 2011, 10:07

Tags: ForceWare Drivers, NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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NVIDIA has just posted the new ForceWare 266.58 WHQL drivers for download. This pack is the first certified release in the 265-family, and introduces a massive list of tweaks, profiles and performance fixes.

Firstly, owners of 400-series and 500-series GeForce GPUs should see performance improve in a number of games. The benchmark-busting GTX 580 should see the biggest improvements, especially at 1,920x1,200px resolutions with all of the extra graphical-glitz turned on. Ambient occlusion support has also been added for Starcraft II which should improve the quality of the shadows and lighting in the game.

Most of the changes have to do with 3D Vision support, though. Firstly support has been added for 3DVisionLive.com, which allows viewing and sharing 3D photos and video clips, as well as streaming 3D content to help test-drive that new stereoscopic set-up.

The drivers also introduce support for 3D Vision windowed mode in a number of games and applications - although we'd only heard of about half of them - and new or updated 3D profiles for a number of popular and not so popular games. The list of 3D Vision compatible monitors, TVs, AiOs and projectors has been expanded as well.

Rounding out the updates are a number of new SLI and Surround gaming profiles that should improve performance in multi-GPU set-ups and updates to a few of the other driver components.

The WHQL 266.58 drivers for all GeForce GPUs are available to download now from NVIDIA. A full list of the expansive changes can be found over on the driver release page.

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Any news on performance improvements with older cards (i.e. my GTX 260?) Googling now but not many decent hits.
I'd be surprised if there is given updates even for my GTX460 are scarce.
I've installed the new driver on both boxes but I haven't tested it with any games yet. I'll put it through its paces in Mass Effect 2 tonight.
Does ME2 really class as putting a GPU through it's paces?
That's all well and good. But it doesn't work. I installed it today, only to suffer constant graphical glitches in games and other graphic intensive tasks, in fact, even when I've been sat on my Desktop it's had graphical problems giving me the error “nvida display driver stopped working but has recovered” or, when playing games, it just causes my PC to crash. Overall impression: Not very good.