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Two million download IE9 in 48 hours

by Pete Mason on 21 September 2010, 15:24

Tags: Internet Explorer, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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There was a lot of buzz in the run up to the launch of the Internet Explorer 9 beta last week, and Microsoft undoubtedly spent a lot of money to make sure that everyone knew that it was coming.

It looks like at least some of that investment has paid off, though, as the company has revealed that the browser was downloaded more than two million times in its first 48 hours.  This compares to only 1.3 million downloads of the IE8 beta over its first five days - though there was far less marketing hype surrounding that launch.

The company also boasted that it had seen over nine million visits and 26 million individual page views to its ‘Beauty of the Web' site.  In addition, there were four million page views of the IE Test Drive site, which is home to a number of benchmarks and demonstrations of the new features enabled in the browser.

Though Microsoft may be content to blow its own trumpet, we all know that the success of a browser isn't measured in downloads.  The real test of whether or not IE9 has gained any ground will come in a few months time when browser market share stats for September and October are made available.

Until then, feel free to go over our coverage of the London launch-event, read our look at the new features found in the IE9 beta and pass judgement for yourselves.

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i already uninstalled it as vbulletin forums didn't work well.
Well still using it on the Gaming PC and it's fine, Family machine is so-so so we swap between IE9 and Chrome 7.0. Doesn't work on the a lot of the work web based apps, only thing it works on is the intranet (which is not updated or used that often so pointless).
I'm not particularly excited tbh. So I'm waiting for the full release version to find out what the fuss is about :)
Hi Folks
For those who have not been to beautyoftheweb .com, I highly recommend it. There you can connect to dozens of websites built with HTML5 standards, and you can really see how amazing they are when viewed in the IE9 Beta. Please go and experience the Beauty of the Web for yourself.

IE Outreach Team
Spooky “outreach” stuff… :D