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IE9 beta gets firm release date

by Pete Mason on 13 August 2010, 14:45

Tags: Internet Explorer, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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With Google and Mozilla releasing new beta versions of their respective browsers this week, Microsoft may have been feeling a little left out.  However, the software-giant had a little announcement of its own to make yesterday, as the company revealed the release date for the first public beta of Internet Explorer 9 - September 15.

The release will be accompanied by a launch event in San Francisco entitled ‘Beauty of the Web'.  Considering that the development team has, thus far, been pretty cagey on the specifics of IE9's redesigned interface, we're guessing that the browser's new look will be a focus of the get together.  The UI has even been stripped-away from the development releases that Microsoft has been previewing in an effort to keep it secret.

Of course, the release date of the beta isn't too surprising.  COO Kevin Turner let slip at the company's Financial Analyst Meeting that the public launch would happen in September.

As well as a massive speed boost over IE8, the latest version of Internet Explorer will bring a host of new features. These include a brand new JavaScript engine that supports GPU acceleration, support for HTML5 and CSS3 and compatibility with the WebM video standard.

Interestingly, according to The Register, Microsoft believes that the beta will be stable and usable enough for the general public to use, should they want to, not just the more advanced users.  For this reason, the company isn't releasing the beta to its Developer Network members prior to the public release, as is often the case with the company's new software.

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I'm actually interested in this - MS are putting real effort into IE and some of the new stuff is interesting to say the least. Even if it doesn't affect me (i'm an Opera user) directly it will cause the genre to move forward to compete.
Agreed, they've taken compliance far more seriously too.
will they have to do that browser choice screen thing again?

or will this just appear on the windows update list as an optional extra?
It's the same as with anything. Competition is good for the market. Microsoft got by pushing out an inferior product, and they lost market share because of it. The only way to fix it will be to make a quality product that is competitive in the market place.

And as you say, dangel, if Microsoft actually (*gasp*) threaten Chrome, Firefox and Opera, they'll have to step up their own games.
They still have the unenviable task of moving people away from IE6. I don't know how they are going to do that, especially when this is not going to be available on XP.

I don't think we are going to see IE6 taking a back seat until W8 or later. By that point surely they will finally have killed XP off and big corps and the public sector will be thinking about moving to W7 or something.