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Microsoft's Zune Pass due in the UK?

by Pete Mason on 20 July 2010, 09:05

Tags: Zune HD, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Microsoft has never really pushed its Zune branding for digital music in the UK, but with the upcoming launch of Windows Phone 7, that could all be about to change. There's now a (currently non-working) subscription page, complete with UK pricing, for the Zune Pass unlimited music service.

Zune Pass launched in the US alongside the Zune MP3 players and offered an alternative to the more common ‘pay-per-download’ services like iTunes. For a flat monthly fee, users get to download unlimited amounts of music from the entire Zune back-catalogue. These songs are DRM-restricted, but can be used on up to three computers and three Zune devices. As long as the subscription remains paid-up and active, the music can be listened to an unlimited number of times. On top of this, each subscriber gets to choose 10 songs each month to keep as DRM-free MP3s for no extra fee.

However, the service was never launched in the UK. With the release of the Windows Phone 7 platform just around the corner, though, Microsoft is taking the opportunity to extend the reach of its media service. The mobile OS uses the Zune branding and interface for its media capabilities, so having the Zune Pass service to complement it makes sense.

The screen-grab points to £8.99 for a one-month subscription and £26.97 for three months (hardly a discount - Ed), as well as the option of a 14-day free trial of the service.

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Something like this could be perfect, if i'm allowed to stream over the air, and download some songs for when I'm out of range. But I fear it will be wifi only for that :'(
Price seems a bit steep however its good to see them finally taking the plunge here. Hopefully this won't only be limited to WP7 usage here as well though.
is it steep? Compare it to the other options? Its cheaper than spotify.

That said on the wm7 phone, it seems microsoft are embracing and extending apple's hilter phone, with their north korea phone, so it will be the only game in town no doubt.

I don't like that, I prefer the price of a service to be set by a good amount of competition, not oh well its cheaper than the only alternative.
Seems to be working now:

my account

Thank YouYou've purchased the following: Zune 14-day Trial Pass
I've been using a Zune HD with a Zune Pass for nearly a year now, and I'll vouch for its awesomosity. At the minute I'm paying around Ā£16 a month to a chap in the States to add a Zune Pass to my account monthly, and even at that price it's totally worth it. You can download or stream tracks until your heart's content, either on the PC (through the Zune software) or directly on the Zune itself.

My track library now totals around 40,000 songs, and all of them are legit. I think that says it all really.

I should probably also make clear that I can also listen to them offline.