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VLC media player 1.1 arrives with hardware acceleration in tow

by Parm Mann on 22 June 2010, 16:36


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VideoLAN, the non-profit French organisation behind various open-source projects, has introduced a new release of its ever-popular VLC media player.

Version 1.1, codenamed 'The Luggage', is available now at and introduces a raft of new features; including GPU-accelerated decoding of various formats on Windows and Linux platforms, improved support for MKV HD and added support for a number of new codecs.

In an effort to make the application both faster and lighter, the developers state that improved decoding can provide performance gains of up to 40 per cent, and the software itself should leave a smaller footprint as less popular features have been removed and repackaged as extensions.

Speaking of extensions, VLC 1.1 comes equipped with a new script framework for easier customisation, and there's a bevy of audio enhancements, too. These include support for DVD-Audio files and added support for CD-Text under Windows.

Despite the long list of improvements, however, it seems VLC development hasn't been entirely trouble free.

Unlike previous releases, version 1.1 is without integrated SHOUTcast functionality. According to VideoLAN, "the SHOUTcast module is not available on the distributed VLC any longer, because AOL Corporation is hindering Open Source Software."

The developer adds that in order to include the SHOUTcast module, it would have been required to adhere to AOL's licensing requirements - which include a mandatory obligation to bundle the SHOUTcast Radio toolbar. VideoLAN adds that users wanting to complain about the removal of SHOUTcast should contact AOL directly.

Extending its frustration to others in the industry, VideoLAN also comments on the hardware best suited for GPU-acceleration by stating that it is "quite sad to be forced to recommend NVIDIA GPU, until ATI fixes their drivers on Windows, and until VLC developer get access to some Intel hardware supporting GPU decoding".

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Fantastatic news, I've been waiting for this for many, many months :D

I wonder how it works on slightly older laptops; presumably, it requires CUDA given the NVIDIA preference.
Yep, just tried the ‘use GPU acceleration (experimental)’ option, and my Quad-core Q6600 and Radeon 3870 was no longer quick enough to decode full 1080p video :(
One quick untick, and a restart later, and all was well again.

Oh well, another win for nvidia.
I'll stick with MPC Home Cinema and DXVA, works with all modern graphics cards :rockon2:
I'll stick with MPC Home Cinema and DXVA, works with all modern graphics cards :rockon2:

wow, 2010, and hardware acceleration has arrived. But only if your on an nVidia card… oh.