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Microsoft wants 'thought leader' to execute Windows 8 by July 2010

by Sylvie Barak on 3 December 2009, 09:32

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Window of opportunity

It seems one can wait almost a decade for a decent Microsoft operating system to tip up, and just as it does, there's already talk of hopping on to the next one by the middle of next year, in time for a 2012 release.

According to a Microsoft job opening, unearthed by Ars Technica, the firm is looking for a "senior thought leader and skilled project/product manager" to focus on Windows 8 in FY11 - or Fiscal year 2011. Since Microsoft's fiscal year begins in July that would be July 2010, just under eight months from now.

The full text of the job Microsoft is looking to fill reads:

"Do you want to help ready the entire partner ecosystem on all the new Microsoft products and solutions? The Partner Skills Development Team is looking for a senior thought leader and skilled project/product manager to ensure the health of the partner ecosystem through the strategic evolution skills development framework (and its execution) for upcoming Microsoft product launches. For example, in Fy10, the focus will be on Windows Server R2, SQL Server R2, and Wave 14 (Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, and Exchange 2010) and, as we head into Fy11, the focus will quickly switch to Windows 8. In this role you will lead the execution of partner skills development BOMs - by partner type for the entire partner ecosystem - on a WW basis. This role with interact with and influence individuals from across Microsoft, including individuals within the Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft Learning, SMSGR, the product groups (BGs), Operations, and partner segment teams with SMSG."

A couple of weeks ago, the Windows server group showed off slides which placed a Windows 8 launch in 2012, which, if it proves to be the case, will mean Windows 7 will be just three years old by the time it's superseded.

Good thing Win 7 is already selling like hot cakes then - before the 2012 Win 8 Armageddon changes humanity forever. Or just another three years.

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Only starting work by mid 2010? What on earth are the team doing in the meantime?
working on it, just not focusing on it i would have thought - odd article
Yeah very odd - they've been working on it for some time now!
Only starting work by mid 2010? What on earth are the team doing in the meantime?

Fixing bugs, working on new features that will eventually roll or evolve into Windows 8, and helping push out other projects.

Yeah I would say that there is a core “Windows” team that is always working on the “next” version, but more in a technology overview kind of way.

So everyone works on W7, once done, some go to join this core team to start fleshing out ideas for the “next” version, the rest concentrate on bugs enhancements for W7. After the first service pack the majority of the other will join the “next” team, leaving a small number to continue sorting any problems left in W7. Probably the same guys that are still working on Vista updates too.

My guess is for a Service Pack for W7 around mid 2010 as well :)