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Buy Windows Vista, get a free 1TB Samsung hard-disk drive

by Parm Mann on 23 January 2009, 14:11

Tags: eBuyer, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Making the Windows 7 beta available to anyone and everyone is certain to have a knock-on effect on sales of Windows Vista. After all, why pay good money for an operating system that's on the way out when a free and generally-stable version of Windows 7 is readily available?

Although the Windows 7 beta will eventually expire in August, it appears certain etailers are doing their utmost to encourage Windows Vista uptake. One particular etailer, Ebuyer.com, is offering a free 1TB Samsung hard-disk drive with all sales of the 32-bit OEM edition of Microsoft's Windows Vista Ultimate.

The 64-bit edition, sadly, isn't available as part of the offer. Nonetheless, if you're still contemplating the Vista upgrade, Ā£139.99 including a free 1TB hard-disk drive doesn't seem a bad deal at all.

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Actually its not alot of sense to buy 32bit Vista; well not to me anyhow. When I upgrade I do want to move to 64bit OS, whether it be Vista or W7. So far XP Pro does the job. :)

You can buy a 1TB Samsung drive elsewhere for relatively cheap price too.
I considered buying that, selling Vista and then buying a 64bit home premium oem but it doesn't look like I could shift a 32bit OEM, ebay's flooded with them!
Well the key is valid for x64 too… you just need the x64 install media…

Which you can legally borrow off someone else to install it :)

Bish bash bosh, free HDD and 64bit OS :D
It's a bit early to be calling Windows 7 ‘stable’. It does have showstopper bugs. But here's an idea, instead of giving away what could probably be considered the minimum disk size for Windows these days, why don't they cut the price of the OS by the cost of the disk?..
£140 for OEM seems expensive!

Pretty sure I paid under £100 for mine, which means your almost paying for the HDD anyway =S