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Microsoft's ad campaign turns to a "Life Without Walls"

by Parm Mann on 19 September 2008, 10:34

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I'm a PC, and proud of it, says Microsoft

Just as the Gates and Seinfeld advertisements were starting to get interesting, Microsoft has shifted onto phase two of its campaign, and a "Life Without Walls" is the topic of the day.

The campaign is aimed at changing the public perception of its Windows Vista operating system, and to help fix the stereotypical image of a PC user created by Apple's "Get a Mac" advertisements.

The first in the series of Microsoft's "I'm a PC" advertisements is titled "Pride", and can be viewed below in SilverLight format or on YouTube.com.

Bill Veghte, senior vice president of online services and windows business group at Microsoft, said:

Windows is truly the shared language of creativity and connection for more than one billion people. It’s a vibrant community of individuals who are passionate about how Windows helps them express their ideas and live life on their own terms. Starting today, we want to reflect the passion and excitement of this community in how we tell the story of the Windows brand.

Coinciding with the I'm a PC advertisements will be a series of newspaper ads carrying the headling "Life Without Walls". The idea is to promote the Windows platform as a whole, ranging from Windows Vista, Windows Live and Windows Mobile.

We're sure we haven't seen the end of Gates and Seinfeld, and the pair will no doubt re-appear in the multi-year campaign. In the meantime, it's nice just to see a public retort to the Microsoft-bashing advertisements from Apple.

Official press release: Microsoft Tears Down the Walls for a Better View

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A life without walls would be pretty cold and miserable.
I think these adverts are great, just hope that Microsoft stays away from using Bill Gates as he just doesn't work.

Especially like the shark bit in this latest advert.
I can't believe they did that, “Life Without Walls” then you don't need windows.:)
“… and I have a beard” - brilliant!! Made me laugh!