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Microsoft releases new Vista Ultimate Extras, Hell freezes over

by Parm Mann on 23 April 2008, 09:58

Tags: Windows Vista, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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I had to pinch myself to ensure I wasn't dreaming, but nope, this is real, it's happening. Microsoft has released two new Windows Vista Ultimate Extras.

In November 2007, we reported on the barren availability of Microsoft's Ultimate Extras and stated that Windows Vista Ultimate was fast becoming less Ultimate by the day.

Well, nearly half a year later, there's a bit of good news for all you Ultimate users out there. Windows Update will now be serving up two new Ultimate Extras; Windows Sound Schemes and Windows DreamScene Content Pack 3.

Windows Sound Schemes does exactly what it says, it offers two new sound schemes in the form of Glass and Pearl. The latest content pack for Windows DreamScene offers three new DreamScenes for your desktop pleasure.

It isn't quite enough to make the Ultimate Extras seem like a good value proposition, but hey, any progress is good progress, right? The complete list of Ultimate Extras is now as follows:

  • Windows DreamScene
  • Language Packs
  • BitLocker and EFS Enhancements
  • Hold 'Em Poker Game
  • Windows Sound Schemes

Who are we kidding? It's still a pitiful list.

Still, if you've been waiting over a year for the additional language packs, you'll be happy to know that they're also now available in German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Arabic, Hebrew, Croatian, Portuguese (Brazil), Serbian (Latin), Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), and Russian.

Chris Flores on the official Windows Vista Blog says: "keep your eyes on UltimatePC.com for more Ultimate Extra news in future as well as hot Ultimate Exclusives for Windows Vista Ultimate users".

That could mean we'll be getting another sound scheme and DreamScene content pack in six months time. Hoorah!

Source: WindowsVistaBlog.com
Official product page: UltimatePC.com

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still have to say the only reason someone should of bought ultimate is for BitLocker.

still have to say the only reason someone should of bought ultimate is for BitLocker.

I wanted Media Centre & needed domain support so it was unfortunately the only option. I see what you're saying though, and I fully expected the Ultimate Extras to be crappy when I bought it (anyone who expected otherwise needs their head looking at)
Media Center + Remote Desktop. I admit the extras did have an influence too. If you're building a powerful system then you want the “best” (most capable) OS available imo…
Remote desktop can be enabled on non-ultimate Vista though.. with a little time and effort. My Home Premium allows it now, as well as concurrent login via RD.
Worth every extra penny I paid for Ultimate…not! What a rip-off & what a p–s poor offering.