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A year after Vista's launch, it's time for a poll

by Parm Mann on 12 December 2007, 09:37

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Time to vote off, the weakest link

Here at HEXUS, we're asking the question "A year after launch - How much would you pay to Upgrade from Vista to XP?"

Located in a poll on the right hand side of this page, you'll find five possible answers to choose from:

  • Nothing - Vista Rocks!
  • £25 Vista ain't that bad...
  • £50 UAC is driving me insane....
  • £100 - Get me off Vista now!
  • I'm not silly enough to have run it first time round...

Please take a moment to place your vote as we're more than interested to see how the Windows Vista users feel about the OS prior to the release of Service Pack 1.

Early indications show that most users are "not silly enough to have run it first time round". A fair few however also declare that "Vista Rocks!". Don't be shy, go forth and have your say.

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After initially running Vista for a while and being driven mad by a combination of half-arsed “security” measures, instability and wonky drivers I shelled out for a new hard disk so that I could revert to XP without reformatting and trashing data. That being the case, I already shelled out over £70 to revert to XP, and all the machines that I'm rolling out here are using the Vista Business > XP Pro free downgrade rights. BTW, props to Hewlett Packard; they shipped the downgrade media for our latest acquisitions, a quartet of 6910p's, free. Can't fault that.
I use Vista at work, mainly because we support students, with many new ones having new laptops with Vista installed on them. Seeing as I'd become savvy with most things XP, I thought i may as well start using it, so that I have more of an idea how to help people out if they need advice.

Still use XP at home though, and not planning on changing that yet.
I'm running a dual boot set-up XP MCE and Vista Ultimate(x64).
Lately I've found myself booting into Vista rather than XP (unless there's something I need which is only running on my XP setup).
So I guess that puts me in the Vista rocks category (although, it would rock even more if I upgraded too 2Gb+ RAM).
For me it's not worth “upgrading” to get lower FPS in DirectX 9 games.
My first VISTA experience began a week ago when my Sony VAIO VGN-G11XN_B ultraportable arrived pre-loaded with Vista Business. It takes 8 minutes to boot. How can anyone think that this is anywhere near acceptable? I don't want to look any further for potential benefits; Vista falls at fence #1. Back to XP I think. Now how to do this with not a single driver suppled?