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Kingston helps bring down the cost of DDR3?

by James Smith on 16 June 2007, 11:02

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Computex 2007 HEXUS saw numerous DDR3 modules from various vendors at COMPUTEX. Some claimed ultra-high speeds, others lauded the stringent timings they were able to ratify their modules at. The one immutable fact was that all agreed upon was, on balance, DDR3, right now, is hugely expensive.

It was interesting, then, to see Kingston market both DDR3-1066 and DDR3-1333 modules under its ValueRAM brand.

Available in capacities of 512MiB and 1GiB and in kits of 1GiB and 2GiB, Kingston ValueRAM DDR3-1066 modules are shipping now. A 1GiB kit will cost you around £130.

Also available in the same capacities, ValueRAM 1333 modules will be available from August, we were informed. Interestingly, one UK etailer currently has a 2GiB pack listed at a whopping £390 and availability deemed to be in just a couple of days.

ValueRAM DDR3-1066 modules run at 7-7-7-20 timings at 1.5v, whereas ValueRAM 1333 modules will operate at 8-8-8-24 timings, also at 1.5v.

We also spotted a DDR3 SO-DIMM. It's too early to know when they'll likely to be on sale but, seeing as we couldn't spy any DDR3-equipped laptops at the show, it's not likely to be anytime soon.

Kingston's recently-launched HyperX DDR3 and ultra-low-latency DDR2 were also on show, as shown below.

Expect to see our usual in-depth analysis on the HyperX 1375MHz modules soon. (I'll hold you to that - ed)

Trying not to be overshadowed by all the recent DDR3 hype, some of Kingston's FB-DIMM (fully-buffered) modules, designed primarily for use with high-end Intel-based servers, were also on display.

Running at a mundane 667MHz with 5-5-5-11 timings and costing more than double the outlay required for a similar DDR2 kit of the same capacity, this 4GB kit probably makes even DDR3 memory look cheap.

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