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ATP set to challenge Corsair in USB durability test

by Tarinder Sandhu on 9 June 2007, 13:24

Tags: ATP Electronics

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Computex 2007

Contrary to what it may seem, the above picture isn't a gratuitous shot of a couple of lovely-looking lasses at ATP's stand (fully understood - Ed).

Notice the white board that both waifs are standing on?

Underneath the board is a pair of ATP ToughDrive mini USB stick drives - encased in a protective body designed to be able to sustain a few knocks.

[advert]We can confirm that the drives - available in capacities up to 8GB - were functioning after the demonstration but 90kg spread over a wide area isn't exactly pushing the boundaries of resistance, is it?

HEXUS challenged ATP's marketing manager to a USB drives showdown, going head-to-head with Corsair's Flash Voyager series. After all, HEXUS.tv has already tried its level best to break some Corsairs in spectacular fashion. Head on over here to see them being tested to destruction.

ATP has agreed to seed a number of ToughDrives for the face-off, so stay tuned.

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