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Broadwater running packed with Kingston memory

by Nick Haywood on 6 June 2006, 14:30

Tags: Kingston

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Kingston run Broadwater with loads of ram

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Just a quick one this one. Over on the Kingston stand I spotted this Intel 965 mainboard from ASUS… sadly the case was an absolute bugger to unscrew, so we had to make do with this shot through the perspex…

According to the spec sheet this Broadwater codenamed ASUS P5B Deluxe was running an Intel Pentium D 955 Extreme Edition 1066Mhz with 4 KHX8500D2/512 modules of Kingston memory… oh, and an ATI Radeon X1900XT… nice…


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Ahah, well that's the board with the little Wifi riser on the back plate.. that it? Kind of neat, I spose…