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Better late than never, Crucial's tri-channel DDR3 memory now available

by Parm Mann on 25 November 2008, 16:02

Tags: Core i7, Crucial Technology (NASDAQ:MU), Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Unlike the usual must-be-first suspects, Crucial has today belatedly announced availability of its tri-channel DDR3 memory kits for Intel's Core i7.

The Micron subsidiary is renowned for its guaranteed-to-work memory, and its slow arrival onto the Core i7 scene could be an indication of its thoughts on the Nehalem platform as a whole - super quick, but pricey enough to keep its adoption at a minimum.

Nonetheless, its tri-channel kits are now here, available in capacities of 3GB, 6GB and 12GB, and speeds of 1,066MHz or 1,333MHz.

Prices range from as little as £83 for a 3GB kit to a wallet-emptying £820 for a 12GB kit. Somewhere in between, a 6GB kit operating at 1,333MHz is available at a fairly competitive £162.

For a complete listing of Crucial's DDR3 offerings, head on over to the official UK store at crucial.com/uk/store.

Official press release: Lexar Media Announces Crucial Three Channel DDR3 Memory Kits

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