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OCZ launch Fatal1ty memory stick

by Nick Haywood on 4 June 2008, 15:00

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But is this more than just a gimmick?

Fatal1ty, aka Johnathan Wendel, and arguably the best competitive gamer yet seen, has put his name to one of OCZ’s memory sticks. Is there anything super-duper special about the stick? Well, um, no… it’s a fairly standard stick of PC2-8500 but now with a black heatspreader branded up with the Fatal1ty logo.

So you have to ask yourself, what’s the point other than to make a bit of cash off of Fatal1ty fans? Well in chatting to Johnathan at OCZ’s suite here at Computex 2008, it transpires there’s more to it than milking the Fatal1ty name. The idea is a simple one: Fatal1ty branded products could be top-line, high-end stuff but, as Johnathan puts it, why bother if a cheaper product does the job just as well?

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So all the talk about this being a stick aimed at “gamers”, whilst being correct, actually misses the mark by taking the “gamers” target out of context. This Fatal1ty stick isn’t aimed at the traditional definition of a gamer, ie, the early adopter who’s prepared to fork out £300 on a new graphics card every six months. No, this is aimed at the real-world gamer who wants performance without spanking huge wads of cash.

And by performance in this context, we’re talking about a range of products that will allow a gamer to play games at respectable framerates without having to go high-end on components. So by endorsing this memory, Fatal1ty is saying you’ll get your game running at a speed he’d be happy with. But of course, whether you choose to base what you buy on this is entirely up to you…

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Oh God, not another fatality based product. These are not any better than your ordinary sticks. Just more expensive because it has that name of some gamer.

It is sad that people will buy this up because of the name.

And I personally think the Windel or Wendel or w/e is now a washout, he is nothing special.

(May get some flak for that)
Most of the fatality products seem pretty reasonably priced. I'd never buy any of them as they almost always naff.. 8600GT.. who wants one of them in a high end gaming machine?
The colour scheme is nice though :p

It doesn't matter whether he's any good anymore or not though, he's geek legend. He gets paid for playing video games, I'd gladly have his job and stick my name on a load of naff gaming products :D
about a year ago I got a XFX Fatal1ty 8600GT because I only had around $200 and I liked that it was silent cooling. I am very happy with this card, did a slight oc on it with ntune and it is very stable and runs the games I play great

I am happy that Fatal1ty is doing ram and psu, because they are my next upgrades and I think they will be good price an good perf - he is great gamer and I think he puts his name on stuff that will play games well for the price

don't really care if I play x% more for fatal1ty, I like the look and quality and know it will play games well so if I have to have a brand rather it be a gamer brand then some 3 or 4 letter brand with no gaming connection.