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Top LOLs of Computex 2010

by Steve Kerrison on 3 June 2010, 16:30


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Exploring Computex can be a real eye-opener, or it can make you want to curl up in the corner of your hotel room and rock back and forth until it's time to return home. Brave souls that we are, we managed to stay sane whilst being exposed to these gems...

Most well-hung product

Nice package...

A waterproof MP3 player - not all that hilarious by itself - but supported by the branding, we reckon it's the perfect "package" to serve as, erm... "augmentation" for the less modest (or less well endowed) Speedo wearing individual.

Company with largest amount of win


You can't be more full of win than that now, can you? We're not entirely sold on the domain name, though.

Most thunderstruck stall


Back in bla... wait, what?

Best lawsuit bait


Oh come on, not even a different font?

Company with highest midichlorian concentration


The force is strong in this'un.

And finally...

Biggest WTF of Computex 2010


Sorry fella, but that definitely doesn't make you more approachable.

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