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Concept art turns up from mystery RPG

by Steven Williamson on 4 March 2008, 22:02

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Over in the main gaming hall in CeBIT, it’s not just the larger companies who are making an impact, but a young guy called Rob Leuchtenberger has also been impressing the crowd after he was awarded his own space at the show to demonstrate his impressive concept art.

What started off as a hobby for Rob has now become a career and one company in particular has been so impressed with his work that it has asked him to draw up some designs for their upcoming game.

Rob is under strict instructions not to mention the game in question and despite the offer to buy him a brockwurst he wasn’t going to spill the beans. All we do know is that it is a huge role-playing title that is due for release in 2008.

Your guess is as good as mine, but suffice to say that Rob's art was only a stone's throw from EA's booth.

Click for larger image

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You can check out Rob’s other work at his website. http://www.robscreations.com/

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near the ea booth you say? its too late for him, after cebit he will be found at the sims sweat shop milki…i mean making the sims for the rest of his life.
hmmm, i would think it is either gothic 4 or that fantasy rpg that ‘Trinigy’ is working on, or even two worlds - the temptation.

mention these 3 to him, see which one he flinches at.

:surprised:might even be diablo3.:surprised:
Or… since all of those pics are on his website, listed under ‘concept art’, it is entirely possible that they are…

“fast sketches of characters, landscapes, buildings and objects.
This is a method to help me visualize and develop new ideas and concepts.

Those ideas are basics for further steps like Matte Paintings as well as 3-D Objects.
They can also be used as fast inspiring sketches inside of books and
introductions for computer games or tabletop games.”