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CEBIT 2005 : A Pictorial view.

by Nick Haywood on 23 March 2005, 00:00

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CeBIT 2005 : A general round-up.

This could well be a multi-pager, purely because the size of the show means that ANY round-up, no matter how brief will be roughly the length of ‘War and Peace’.

So, where to start? Well, in case you weren’t aware, CeBIT is not just about computers… it covers pretty much anything technology related, so anyone who produces anything you plug in and use was showing their wares. (With the exception of those people who produce the stuff that goes into the back pages of the Anne Summers catalogue, they have a different show all of their own, which DVDoctor has already covered…)

Of course, the big names are here to tout for business and show their competitors just how good they… so for the first few days the place is rammed to the ceiling with suits….

You could hear the bleating if you listened real hard

Superbly, you could download the entire CeBIT map to your PDA….

If you had a PDA, you were sorted as the entire CeBIT event could be downloaded to give you an interactive map with stand and exhibitor finder, product search engine… the lot. Sadly, while trying to show off how cool it was to Yi, from FSP, the damn thing failed utterly to find the very company he worked for… ah well… The much more reliable and less technical ‘paper map’ never went wrong, and proved to be a touch more up to date, though I have to say that it fared just as badly as a PDA if you dropped it in a bucket of water.

Of course, once you’d got the map you could find your way to the opening ceremony, filled with more suits than Burton’s and with less laughs than a wet Sunday in Hull…

The highlight of the Opening Ceremony… a bird playing a harp as the Chemical Brothers lay down a beat, rinsin’, man, rinsin’….

Given the pumping beats being knocked out on that harp, I was quite surprised to see the crowds shunning it in favour of the Dance Music Awards, which was visited purely from a journalistic point of view, of course…

4,000 party people throw some shapes… big fish, small fish, cardboard box… big fish, small fish, cardboard box…