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AMD calls NVIDIA's marketing bluff

by Sylvie Barak on 22 October 2009, 18:29


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Tasty Windows 7

Asked what he thought of Microsoft's new OS after its London launch event, AMD's Richard Huddy, head of European developer relations, told HEXUS "mmmm...yes, Windows 7 we like!"

However, the AMD exec was a little less impressed at the fact Microsoft reps at the London launch event yesterday mentioned NVIDIA as a partner for DX11 without mentioning AMD, but put this down to oversight.

"DX11 is out today and AMD is there, enabling people," he told HEXUS, in an exclusive interview.

The reason NVIDIA has managed to get itself into the limelight for DX11 acceleration, whilst AMD, which actually has the hardware available, got overlooked is, said Huddy, "because we put a lot less effort into marketing than NVIDIA does."

Huddy told HEXUS NVIDIA tended to work on a "different philosophy" to AMD. "AMD is competing on the basis of technology, whereas Nvidia is competing on the basis of marketing" he told us, adding, "I'm not a marketing guy, I'm an engineer".

"We've been working on DX11 games," said Huddy emphasising that, last time around, it had taken NVIDIA at least six months after DX10 launched before any game titles followed. AMD is working on over 20 titles currently in development, with two titles - BattleForge and Stalker - already available in DX11.

"NVIDIA is simply trying to market its way out of being late out with DX11 hardware," he repeated.