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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275: launch-day pricing comparison

by Parm Mann on 2 April 2009, 11:53

Tags: Gainward GTX275, NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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UK availability

Wanting to go head to head with AMD's Radeon HD 4890, NVIDIA has introduced its GeForce GTX 275 to market a little earlier than originally anticipated.

Both cards performed admirably in our in-depth review, but we opted to give NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 275 the nod because it matches AMD's Radeon HD 4890 on price and performance, is a little quieter, draws a touch less power when idling, and is backed up by a more-robust GPGPU environment.

Question is, with AMD showing plentiful stock of its Radeon HD 4890 around the globe, has NVIDIA turned up with a hard launch of its own or is the GeForce GTX 275 little more than a paper launch hoping to put a spanner in the works of the competition? Let's take a look at availability from some of the big-name etailers. Here's our summary:

UK Market

etailerProductAvailabilityPrice (inc. VAT)
SCAN.co.uk Palit GeForce GTX 275 In stock £199.99
  ASUS GeForce GTX 275 OC Pre-order £217.35
  Gainward GeForce GTX 275 Pre-order £224.25
  BFG GeForce GTX 275 OC Pre-order £246.27
  EVGA GeForce GTX 275 Pre-order £260.34
  EVGA GeForce GTX 275 1,792MB Pre-order £296.53
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ebuyer.com Palit GeForce GTX 275 Pre-order £219.99
XFX GeForce GTX 275 Pre-order £215.49
  ZOTAC GeForce GTX 275 Pre-order £224.99
  Gainward GeForce GTX 275 Pre-order £222.85
novatech.co.uk Novatech GeForce GTX 275 In stock £218.49
  Novatech GeForce GTX 275 OC Pre-order £251.85
  Gainward GeForce GTX 275 Pre-order £228.85

Availability, then, is for the most part disappointing. From the chosen etailers, just two cards are listed as in stock - but importantly, Palit's GeForce GTX 275 is listed as in stock at SCAN.co.uk at a cost of £199.99, notably undercutting AMD's Radeon HD 4890 by around £10 - £15.

Nonetheless, in an effort to reach the market as soon as AMD's new offering, NVIDIA appears to have sacrificed availability and the GeForce GTX 275 is clearly in short supply. Bagging a card on day one might not prove to be easy.

Moving on, how about pricing in the rest of Europe and the US? Head on over to page two for an up-to-date comparison.