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CyberLink Showcases Complete Media Entertainment Ecosystem For The Digital Lifestyle At Computex 2007

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Computex 2007

Press Release

Taipei, Taiwan----June 05, 2007----CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a world leader in digital home solutions, today revealed its complete range of entertainment software solutions for the digital lifestyle at Computex 2007.
In a world of increasing digital media and network connectivity, the way people enjoy multimedia is shifting. CyberLink is delivering a series of innovative solutions that shape the media entertainment ecosystem: from all-media capturing and creation, to media streaming, and sharing across home networks and the Internet.
Complete Tools for User-Generated Content

Content such as videos and photos are easy to acquire with today's wide range of affordable digital cameras and camcorders. CyberLink has a full range of applications to help users create, store, and share their media projects:
-         PowerDirector – Featuring smart Magic Tools, quickly improves problem videos and photos, and automatically edits videos. Easy-to-use PowerDirector lets users express themselves freely and creatively, and also enables direct publishing to YouTube.

-         PowerProducer – The DVD authoring software, produces Hollywood-like home video DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and HD DVDs.

-         CyberLink DVD Suite – The complete application suite, burns media to CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs.
The Ultimate Enjoyment of High-Definition Premium Content

Whether it's a movie, video, or live TV show, CyberLink offers the latest in video and audio technologies for enjoying high-definition content on the PC.

-         PowerCinema – a complete entertainment center for receiving, recording, and playing TV content

-         PowerDVD Ultra – the ultimate movie player for the PC, plays Blu-ray Discs, HD DVDs, and DVDs, and supports the latest innovative navigation features. Also supports H.264 high-definition video playback.
"Anywhere Media" with Home Connectivity

With years of extensive research in premium content protection, digital rights management, and managed copying, CyberLink offers four applications that allow users to enjoy media anywhere, anytime.

-         CyberLink Media Server – a DLNA software solution, is ideal for realizing interoperability and sharing between PDAs, mobile phones, and other CE devices that support DLNA connectivity.

-         CyberLink TV Server – a DLNA software solution, enables TV broadcasting across a user's home network and includes support for both analog and digital TV. It is especially optimized for wireless networks, allowing multiple UPnP devices to access TV content.

-         CyberLink SoftDMA – a software-based DLNA media player, enables access to files from a server or UPnP network.

-         CyberLink Live - a remote media access web service for the digital lifestyle.
Remote Media Access

CyberLink Live (www.cyberlinklive.com) is a web service that delivers digital entertainment from within the home to outside, anywhere in the world. By "placeshifting" users' media content from their home server, CyberLink Live lets users remotely access music, photos, videos, or even live TV on any web-enabled device—wherever they are.
CyberLink Live also allows users to share created content such as videos and photos with friends and family. Invited guests are able to access these media directly from their host's PC.
TV on the Go

CyberLink has extended its advanced video codec and TV technologies to enable digital multimedia on a broad range of portable devices.
-         CyberLink Mobile DTV Solution: a multi-standard, multi-band solution enables the decoding, playback, and recording of mobile TV on notebook and handheld devices.
"With our latest line up including everything from media sharing, high-definition disc playback and creation, to full TV applications at home or on the go, CyberLink is excited to demonstrate our entertainment solutions for enabling a joyful digital lifestyle," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink.>

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