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forghetti™: Forget your passwords.  Forever.

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forghetti™ doesn’t store your passwords but instead generates them when you need them.

Only your unique doodle can trigger the generation of your passwords!

First 1,000 users to download forghetti™ receive 6 months’ free access to Premium.

Unimaginably secure, forghetti™, the new password management app, launched today to revolutionise and simplify the future of cybersecurity and our personal online experience.

forghetti™, available on all devices (iOS, Android, Mac and PC), allows you to create a unique doodle to give you access to all of your online accounts - gone are the days of writing your passwords down, using the same password everyone knows for everything or clicking that ‘Forgotten password’ link.

Core to the security of forghetti™, unlike traditional password management apps, forghetti™ doesn’t keep a database of your passwords anywhere. Your passwords can only be generated by your unique doodle, which only you know. Combined with unique details about your account, the forghetti™ algorithm generates unique passwords for each of your online accounts.  You could say, an empty database is un-hackable.

Discussing how and why forghetti™ came about, Mike Crompton, forghetti™ Founder and CEO, commented:

“As so many of us do, my family had passwords written down all over the place; drawers full of tatty notes, post-its on my computer screen and notebooks full of codes and numbers. Yet still, most of the time we couldn’t find the passwords we needed, leading to regular frustration.

Realising I can’t be the only one living like this, I decided to do something about it. The aim of forghetti™ is to take away the stresses of living in an ever-expanding, online world and free up your memory for making new memories.

Of course, forghetti™ is about more than just simplifying life. Online security was top of the agenda with hacking and fraud an increasing issue. That’s why forghetti™ doesn’t store any of your passwords or PINs, that way, you might say there’s nothing to hack!”

forghetti™ handles more than just passwords, it allows you to create mind-bogglingly complex passwords, generate or protect PIN numbers and ‘memorable words/answers’ too - the ideal solution for important accounts such as online banking.

In terms of the complex and unique passwords forghetti™ generates as standard, Dr. Doodle, the forghetti™ ‘chief statistician’ reveals some interesting stats:

Furthermore, the app allows you to safely share passwords and control who has access to them and when access is given. You can even limit the number of times the login is used and revoke access at any time for additional peace of mind.

After assessing the security of the app, Cybersecurity Southampton stated:

“Password managers are growing to be a crucial tool for the security of internet users. forghetti™ works with users’ doodles to generate and manage strong passwords on the fly, without storing them. This innovation promises to step up the fight against bulk identity theft and enhance online user security.”

As well as their innovative technology, forghetti™ is leading the business world in supporting mental health charities, reflecting their positive yet open work culture. After all, the best innovations come from safe, supportive, and creative places.

The standard version of forghetti™ is free to download. Premium is available for £1.99 per month, with additional features including; unlimited forghettibles, the ability to create and share password groups, admin rights to other users’ groups (when permitted) and use of the Chrome browser extension. As a launch offer, the first 1,000 people to download the app will have free access to forghetti™ Premium for 6 months.

For more information, visit or check out our YouTube channel for handy user videos.

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About forghetti™

Founded by Mike Crompton and launched in February 2019, forghetti™ is a password management app designed to provide users’ access to all of their online accounts by inputting a simple and unique doodle. According to recent Microsoft Research, the average user has 6.5 passwords, each of which is shared across 3.9 different sites. Each user has about 25 online accounts that require passwords, and types an average of 8 passwords per day.

The aim of forghetti™ was to develop an app, a community, for safer online activity - in a day and age where data hacks and leaks are prevalent. forghetti™ doesn’t store any passwords, therefore there is no database for hackers to hack. Your passwords are 100% safe and secure as they do not exist..

Forget your passwords. Forever.

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