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MAGIX Software announces ACID Music Studio 11


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The wait is over. Five years since the last version, MAGIX releases the all-new ACID Music Studio 11 – with more power and more professional features, but easier to use than ever before.

Berlin (Germany), 29/01/2019 – ACID Music Studio 11 now has the innovative power of the completely updated legend for loop-based music production, ACID Pro 8. It packs a 64-bit engine behind a brand-new GUI, new instruments, effects, and many new ACIDized loops.

Simply make great music

ACID Music Studio 11 is the ideal way to join the ACID music community and discover why so many producers across the world are choosing this unique approach to making music. The latest version has been completely overhauled with a powerful 64-bit engine, slick new interface and a wealth of added features and plug-ins that bring professional music production to a whole new audience. With eight amazing new instruments, six top-quality effects and more than 2,500 new ACIDized loops, ACID Music Studio 11 has everything to turn inspiration into great music – fast and easy. Compose with speed, add tracks, instruments and ideas with just a few clicks. Edit audio, change the pitch and tempo – and do it all in real-time.

A brand-new recording studio

Besides its new 64-bit architecture, ACID Music Studio 11 comes with the possibility to record up to 24-bit/192kHz high-quality multitrack audio. Inline Editing allows for intricate or sweeping edits directly on ACID's timeline, and the familiar Drum Grid mode makes it easy to create beats in no time. ACID Music Studio 11 also includes numerous of sophisticated features that one would only expect to find in DAWs for professional beat producers – including Multiple Event Editing, MIDI track freeze and Keyframe Automation, which facilitates all real-time edits to be recorded as part of the mix. It even features tools like Beatmapper and Chopper, making it a powerful remix tool as well. With all of its advanced new features and slick workflow, ACID Music Studio 11 is an intuitive solution for all creative music needs.

Torsten Heise, ACID Music Studio 11's Product Owner, says: “ACID defined the concept of loop-based music production over two decades ago. In ACID Music Studio 11, we have added a great deal of features, but also refined the workflow with a brand-new GUI so that your musical ideas can be realised quickly and easily. Add rock solid reliability to this slick and inspiring environment and we believe that you can focus totally on what is most important: your music making. With advanced new features and plug-ins, professional music production is now accessible to everyone.”

Highlights at a glance:

Over 2,500 all-new ACIDized loops: A locker full of inspiration for a wide variety of genres – every ACIDized loop contains the core ingredients behind ACID music composition, including pitch, length and transient data for easy mixing of loops to create songs in an instant.

Powerful 64-bit architecture: A new 64-bit engine utilizes all the computer's power to run even the largest music projects smoothly.

Sleek and modern interface: A new interface offers an inspiring environment for today's beat producers and clear access to all of ACID Music Studio 11's features.

Eight new virtual instruments: An all-new suite of VITA Solo instruments comprising Urban Drums, the Concert Grand piano, Pop Drums, Electric Piano, the DN-e1 analog synthesizer and the powerful VITA 2 opens an array of new creative options.

Six brand-new pro effects: ACID Music Studio 11 adds a suite of new effects – including the eFX Chorus Flanger, Limiter, Phaser and Stereo Delay, plus the ultra-realistic Vandal guitar amplifier and effects plug-in – to give music a pro sound.

Advanced, easily accessible MIDI features: MIDI Keyframe Automation, Multiple Event Editing, Track Freeze and Drum and Patch Map Editing are just some of the advanced MIDI features that are easy to implement in ACID Music Studio 11.

Inline editing for perfect notes and beats: All Inline Editing takes place using just one window for a streamlined workflow. Familiar piano-style editing can be used to adjust multiple note parameters and Drum Grid mode for perfect beat programming.

Remixing tools: ACID Music Studio 11 includes unique tools like Beatmapper and Chopper to create remixes with chopped and sliced effects.

Price and availability:

ACID Music Studio 11 – $59.99 / £49.99

Learn more at https://www.magix.com/int/music/acid/acid-music-studio/.


MAGIX is an international provider of multimedia software. Founded in 1993, MAGIX offers beginners and professional users a technologically advanced and at the same time user-friendly range of products for editing and publishing videos, photos, websites and interactive VR experiences. According to sales figures  (Gartner market research), MAGIX sits in the top five successful companies in its sector.

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