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MAGIX Software announces SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13


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The versatile audio editor for everyone is updated with new dynamic editing features, a customizable interface, multi-channel surround capabilities, and much more.

Berlin (Germany), 15/01/2019 – The latest version of SOUND FORGE Audio Studio delivers the power of SOUND FORGE Pro to a broader audience, as it provides everything that today's sound makers and audio designers need in an easy, intuitive package.

More flexible. More efficient.

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 refines existing features and also adds completely new functionality. Highlights include a new Event Tool that brings non-destructive editing to the SOUND FORGE Audio Studio platform. It’s now possible to make cuts to your audio files without hard transitions which you can adjust, edit and undo at any time, long after they were made. There's a brand-new, fully-customizable interface, adjustable with four different hues: Dark, Medium, Light and White. Six channels of audio processing allow you to edit files in full 5.1 surround sound. Add many new effects and tools plus iZotope's Ozone 8 Elements and you have everything that any audio enthusiast or professional needs – from hobbyist to audiophile, podcaster to music producer.

Intuitive workflow. Professional results.

With up to 32-bit/384kHz high-quality multitrack audio recording, SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 will capture the best quality results for bands, singer-songwriters, or any other musicians. It also includes a multitude of editing features that can help deliver perfect podcasts or restore and repair old vinyl and tape audio to produce top-quality digital masters. You can prepare CDs for duplication, mix in surround sound, create quality soundtracks, or master music for CD or streaming – SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 handles any audio task you throw at it, with ease. Professional results tied to an intuitive workflow mean that it really does put high-performance audio editing well within reach of everybody.

Thomas Wolf, SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13's Product Owner says: “SOUND FORGE Pro has been the number one professional audio-editing choice for more than 25 years. With SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13, our goal was to deliver all of that SOUND FORGE Pro know-how and power in an efficient, speedy and versatile package that appeals to everyone. We think that today's bloggers, producers, engineers and sound designers – or anyone who needs professional results and an intuitive workflow – will love what we've managed to pack into SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13.”

The new SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 365

Finally, MAGIX Software is also offering SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 365, a flexible subscription option for great all-around audio editing. It has all the features from SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13, but delivers future updates, patches, upgrades, and new features as they are released, all for a low monthly subscription starting at$2.99 / £2.49 per month.

Main features at a glance:

All-new non-destructive editing: The Event Tool allows you to create completely non-destructive audio edits – save and return to them at any time. Editable crossfades can be created between audio files to reduce noise and offer smoother transitions.

Brand-new customizable interface: Choose from four different hues – Dark, Medium, Light and White – to make the GUI more suited to the way you work. The window layout is also completely flexible and adjustable and an all-new Search Tool allows you quick access to commands and effects.

Powerful 64-bit architecture: Utilize all the power from your computer to run even the most complex of projects, latency free.

New surround 5.1 editing: Up to six channels of audio processing can handle all of your surround recording and editing needs.

Vinyl Recording and Restoration Tool: Convert and repair your favourite records and tapes. Remove vinyl crackle and boost volume levels, and then burn to CD or convert the audio to any popular format including MP3, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis.

Dozens of plug-ins: SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 ships with numerous effects and plug-ins including Bitmachine, Chorus, Analog Delay, Distortion, Filter, and Flanger.

VST3 support: Use any plug-ins made by third party manufacturers as SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 has VSTS2/ VST3 support.

Comes with iZotope Ozone Elements 8: Prepare your mixes for radio and streaming. Professionally-designed presets for different genres give you a crystal-clear and powerful sound.

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 is now available online and in stores worldwide.

Prices and availability:

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 – $59.99

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 365 – from $2.99 / £2.49 per month

Learn more at https://www.magix.com/us/music/sound-forge-audio-studio/.