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Ubuntu virtual machine available in Microsoft Hyper-V gallery

Tags: Canonical, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Canonical’s Ubuntu Desktop image is now available from the Hyper-V gallery, ensuring Linux users make the most of Microsoft’s Enhanced Session Mode.

The virtual machine image is easily actioned by typing “Hyper-V Quick Create” into the start menu, or by choosing Ubuntu from the list of operating systems in the Hyper-V Gallery.

The bootable Hyper-V image of Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS, which includes XRDP pre-configured, will ensure those running Ubuntu Desktop as a guest on Windows 10 Pro experience seamless performance, including:

  • Improved clipboard integration
  • Dynamic desktop resizing
  • Shared folders for easy host/guest file transfer
  • Improved mouse experience, including between the host and guest desktops

You can read find the full blog post here.