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MAGIX releases Music Maker: With revolutionary new features


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The brand-new version of Music Maker is out and includes the most revolutionary feature update since its first release 23 years ago. The software for loop-based music production now includes a professional audio engine, true multicore support and numerous new loops and effects.

Berlin, July 10th, 2018 – MAGIX releases the best-sounding, most powerful Music Maker of all time. 23 years after the program was first released, Music Maker is now equipped with a brand-new technology system. The high- performance 64-bit Hybrid Audio Engine from renowned DAW, Samplitude, has now been ported into the program, enabling music lovers everywhere to produce audio in authentic studio quality - right from the start.

Better sound, improved performance

The additional performance boost to Music Maker comes in the form of new multicore support. All CPU cores in a computer can be optimally used, meaning that significantly more instruments and effects can be used simultaneously.

Additionally, a wide range of new plug-ins are also available. The new essentialFX Plug-in Suite offers users a high-quality selection of audio tools for a wide range of tasks. Reverb plug-in VariVerb II and mastering wizard Ozone 8 Elements by iZotope are essentials for any studio setup – and now included in the Premium Edition of Music Maker.

Even more loops and effects

18 brand new Soundpools are also included within the bundle. Users can choose from over 270 Soundpools – from EDM, rock and hip-hop to trap and pop – and combine them with over 60 instruments and effects in Music Maker, so there's no limits to the creative possibilities.

"Since its release in March 2017, the free version of Music Maker has been used by over 2 million new beat producers. We're now bringing loop-based production to a whole new level of performance. And the results can be clearly heard. There's a huge improvement to overall sound and performance, all thanks to the new audio engine. Now, anyone can create their own songs in high quality and in no time at all, even if they don't have any previous experience." – Matthias Trautwein, Product Owner for Music Maker.

Highlights of the Music Maker family at a glance:

  • Professional audio engine for true studiosound
  • Multicore support forimproved performance
  • Over 330 Soundpools, effects &instruments
  • New high-quality plug-ins: Analog Modelling Suite, Vintage Effects Suite, VariVerb II and Ozone 8 Elements by iZotope
  • Free updates for as long as we continue to develop MusicMaker

The latest Music Maker Plus Edition and Music Maker Premium Edition contain all the basic program functions as well as large content packages allowing users to freely choose and combine their content. At the outset, Music Maker Premium Edition provides access to 3 Soundpools, 1 Soundpool Collection, 8 instruments, 9 feature packs and 3 preset packs worth up to €699. Users can also purchase additional content via the in-app Music Maker Store.

Prices and availability:

✔  Music Maker – free download

✔  Music Maker Plus Edition –£49.99, 

✔  Music Maker Premium Edition –£99.99

✔  Music Maker Control Edition –/£119.99 (Music Maker Premium Edition +USB-keyboard)

✔  Music Maker Performer Edition –/ £139.99 (Music Maker Premium Edition.+ novation Launchkey Mini)


MAGIX is an international provider of multimedia software. Founded in 1993,MAGIX offers beginners and professional users a technologically advanced and at the same time user-friendly range of products for editing and publishing videos, photos, websites and interactive VR experiences. According to sales figures (Gartner market research), MAGIX sits in the top five successful companies in its sector.

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