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Paragon UFSD for Nucleus

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FREIBURG, Germany, July 27, 2017 –  Paragon Software Group (PSG) , a technology leader in mobile device and embedded system solutions, announces the release of  Paragon UFSD for Nucleus, technology that grants instant access to popular macOS, Linux, or Windows-formatted file systems under Nucleus OS. Targeted at embedded systems manufacturers, Paragon UFSD (Universal File Systems Driver) technology delivers interoperability with all popular file systems – FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS+, extFS — when integrated into electronic devices.

More than three billion devices throughout the world run today on the Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS). For data storage, Nucleus OS includes a FAT-compatible file system tailored specifically to embedded applications. Although the Nucleus file system could be used for various applications, other file systems, such as Windows NTFS, exFAT, Mac HFS+, and Linux extFS are more popular and widely used today.

Paragon UFSD for Nucleus provides full support for Windows, macOS, and Linux file systems, opening up new opportunities for embedded system builders, while making their devices compatible, faster, more reliable, and flexible. Embedded developers are no longer limited to obsolete FAT and can now implement any popular file system on resource-constrained, energy-efficient devices that run at low speeds.   

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum interoperability. Full read/write access to FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS+, and extFS-formatted volumes under Nucleus OS.
  • High performance. Paragon’s UFSD technology provides the highest data throughput speeds possible — equivalent to or exceeding native file system performance.
  • Rock-solid stability. Tested in different configurations to ensure there are no file or volume corruptions.
  • Support of multiple partitions on a block device. Paragon’s UFSD for Nucleus OS includes functionality for working with several storage partitions at once.
  • All connection types support. Internal and external storage devices supported: SATA HDD, USB-HDD, SSD, SD cards, etc.

The Universal File System Driver for Nucleus OS is delivered in the form of a binary library, which is linked when the firmware is compiled. Depending on the platform, additional modifications to Nucleus kernel code may be necessary. Since most vendors modify Nucleus OS according to their needs, assistance with integration by Paragon’s team of experts is provided.

Direct Developer Support

To provide optimal performance and successful integration of Paragon’s UFSD technology into embedded devices, the company offers:

  • An individual approach to each customer;
  • Quick turnaround with a short lead time;
  • Deep analysis and review of embedded product from Paragon’s team of experts;
  • Software and hardware compatibility troubleshooting;
  • English, German, Russian, and Chinese-speaking engineers on staff.

Paragon’s support and integration engineers will optimize applications under the partner’s system or product parameters and conditions.


Paragon UFSD for Nucleus is available for licensing. For more information, please visit: https://www.paragon-software.com/technologies/universal-file-system-drivers/ufsd-nucleus/