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TEAMGROUP’s Industrial N75G M.2 Solid State Drive Won The 2021 COMPUTEX d&i Award

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TEAMGROUP has good news again! Recently, the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the winners of the 2021 COMPUTEX d&i awards. TEAMGROUP passed stage selection and won judges’ favor with its industrial-grade Rugged series N75G M.2 Solid State Drive. During the severe pandemic, TEAMGROUP has never stopped and continued to launch a full range of incredible products against all odds with the spirit of R&D. In addition to winning market recognition and international awards with consumer and gaming products, the “industrial-grade” products also won the 2021 COMPUTEX d&i award. We will continue to develop more diversified products in the future.


This year, the COMPUTEX d&i awards enters its 13th year and attracts many participants from different countries. The COMPUTEX d&i awards evaluate participants based on five key criteria, “Innovation”, “Technical”, “Functionality”, “Social”, and “Craftsmanship and Aesthetics”. TEAMGROUP’s industrial-grade Rugged series N75G M.2 SSD won the award for its unique and forward-looking features, and it will be displayed at the d&i awards virtual booth at #COMPUTEXVirtual online exhibition. Welcome to the online exhibition and join TEAMGROUP for the great event!


In response to the development of 5G communication and the special environment required for edge intelligence computing, the equipment must be able to carry out high-speed data processing and computing 24 hours a day under the most limited space. TEAMGROUP’s industrial-grade Rugged series N75G M.2 SSD is the first in the industry to have the ultra-thin graphene copper cooling module (Taiwan patent No.I703921). not only does it meet the high-speed transfer, high durability, and data security requirements of various industries and technology industries, but it also ensures reliability, stability, and product life during long hours of high-speed computing on industrial devices and in harsh temperature environments. In addition to offering the best industrial rugged solid state drive, it also accelerates the implementation of AIoT and edge high-performance computing applications.



N75G M.2 Solid State Drive will be available for sale worldwide in Q3, 2021.