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What to pay for your desktop DDR3 RAM in late February 2009

by Tarinder Sandhu on 25 February 2009, 14:36

Tags: Crucial Technology (NASDAQ:MU), Kingston, OCZ (NASDAQ:OCZ), Corsair, G skill

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Introduction, and DDR3-1,066

Since the last look at DDR3 pricing around one month ago, AMD's introduced Phenom II on AM3 with a range of chips that integrate a hybrid DDR2/DDR3 memory-controller. Supporting DDR3 chipsets and motherboards are still in constrained supply, but we should see a number of systems based around the new platform soon. Indeed, we have one such system from CyberPower in the labs right now.

Intel's Core i7 is now being built into base units costing well under £1,000, so it's pertinent to evaluate the price of DDR3 RAM, as a 6GB pack makes up a chunk of the total asking price.

Bear in mind that the stated memory may not be the cheapest around, and September '08, November '08, and January '09 prices, if available for a similar set, are shown in parenthesis.

What will be equally as interesting will be to see what effect, if any, the falling value of sterling - now $1.41 to £1 - has had on prices.

Prices were taken from scan.co.uk, eBuyer.com, Crucial, MemoryC, Microdirect, and Dabs

Lastly, HEXUS does not receive any kind of commission or kickback from the links; they're listed for your benefit only.

DDR3-1,066 (PC3-8,500)

2GB kits (2x 1GB)

Crucial DDR3-1,066 - CL7 - 1.5V - no heatspreaders - £31.04 at Crucial.com/uk (£50.59 - Jan '09, £55.21 - Nov '08).

3GB kits (3x 1GB) - Core i7-optimised

Kingston ValueRAM DDR3-1,333 - CL7 - 1.5V - no heatspreaders - £43.07 @ ebuyer.co.uk (£82.79 - Jan '09, £83.41 - Nov '08).

4GB kits (2x 2GB)

Crucial DDR3-1,066 - CL7 - 1.5V - no heatspreaders - £52.89 at Crucial (£79.34 - Jan '09, £102.21 - Nov '08)

6GB kits (3x 2GB) - Core i7-optimised

Crucial DDR3-1,066 - CL7 - 1.5V - no heatspreaders - £80.49 @ Crucial (£144.89 - Jan '09, £152.74 - Nov)

Crucial still appears to own the DDR3-1,066MHz space with a range of regular and Core i7-optimised kits at keen prices.

The modules are around half the price they were in November 2008, the month that Core i7 launched. £53 for a 4GB kit and £80 for a 6GB pack, delivered, is comfortably better than anyone else. In fact, the company could be accused of trashing the market.