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MSI P55-GD65 motherboard promises much for the enthusiast

by Tarinder Sandhu on 30 July 2009, 10:59

Tags: P55-GD65, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), MSI

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Another P55

Much like London buses, you wait a while for the first Intel P55 chipset-based motherboards to appear and then three turn up at once. The ASUS P7P55D EVO was the first to hit the labs, followed by the microATX-sized Gigabyte P55M-UD4. Both layouts were generally clean, helped in no small part by the single-chip core-logic on P55 boards.

Now it's the turn of the third industry heavyweight, MSI, to show its P55 hand. The P55-GD65 will be a mid-priced board that has one or two novel features. Find out more by reading on.