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QOTW: How many web-connected devices are in your home?

by Parm Mann on 28 May 2021, 16:31

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The way the Internet pervades our everyday lives is reflected in the sheer number of web-connected gadgets within the modern home.

But the huge uptick in smart devices doesn't necessarily apply to everyone. I recently had a chat with a bloke who, for the sake of security and privacy, insisted on disabling Internet access on every device other than his PC, and even that was only connected to the web when need be.

I appreciate privacy, yet on reflection I'm staggered at the sheer number of web-connected devices in my own home. Having just done a quick scout, I count at least 21. That includes traditional PCs, laptops and phones, as well as the TVs, games console and NAS, plus more recent additions such as smart lighting, smart speakers and security cameras. Oh, hold on, I forget our smartwatches, and the sat-nav, so make that 24.

How about you? Is almost everything connected to the world wide web in some way or other? To find out, we're asking: how many web-connected devices are in your home? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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During lockdown a lot. The local spiders put webs everywhere on the car,and in places you last expected to see a connected web!
Lockdown? pfff! our lot, when it gets warm, can do that overnight. Walking out the front door to have a web tangle across the forehead/face isn't unusual (head height seems to be favourite).

As for devices? 3, PC's x2 and the NAS box.

My phone doesn't go anywhere near the internet, more down to the fact that it takes fifteen minutes to get the onscreen keyboard up and I wish I was exaggerating (it really needs replacing, crashing camera module, sporadic corruption of the SD card and randomly loosing it's SIM are just icing on the cake… car comes first though). The TV is too old (my Grandads old set after the last one went belly up), trying to find a good 32“ TV these days is nigh on impossible (space issues, even a 40” doesn't fit in the space available).
oh dear…. 67 here

Nope I'm not going to list them
2 Mesh Routers, 2 iPads, 3 Phones, 1 TV, 1 Roku, 1 Apple TV, 1 Ring doorbell, 1 Ring Chime and 2 PCs. So 14.
All of them, otherwise they would be left outside…