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QOTW: What tech are you looking forward to in 2021?

by Parm Mann on 8 January 2021, 16:31

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A new year brings with it a cautious sense of optimism. Though Covid continues to wreak havoc in our daily lives, we're all hopeful that 2021 will be a healthier year with plenty to look forward to and good reason to feel upbeat.

For tech enthusiasts, there's always the glimmer of exciting new tech on the horizon, though with the retail situation being what it is, we may end up spending a good portion of 2021 waiting for stock of products launched in 2020. Be that as it may, we're always intrigued to hear what our readers are excited about, so let us ask: what tech are you looking forward to in 2021? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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Being able to buy CPUs and GPUs at:
2.)An RRP which is not a massive increase in generational pricing

When I say RRP,I mean the USD pricing. All this fancy tech is all great,but ultimately for a lot of people our income is not going up at the same rate these prices are. Then when the new stuff goes up,the older stuff does not drop much in pricing and the secondhand market also stays relatively high. When this happens repeatedly over a few years,even if you are willing to wait,it does seem to screw things up a bit! :(
A 3080ti @ £1k would be nice :laugh:
A full fat 3070 with 16GB vram but I fear that's wishful thinking.
A full fat 3070 with 16GB vram but I fear that's wishful thinking.

It isn't - Lenovo a few months leaked a RTX3070TI 16GB. I think if the RTX3060 is 12GB,then I can see Nvidia refreshing their line-up too.
Looking forward to seeing what new lower end tech we'll get, especially on the GPU front.

It'll also be interesting to see if AMD has anything lower then the 5600x planned or not and what ever intel can come up with to hopefully bring at least some competition to the cpu market even if it is still on 14nm.