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QOTW: Has your screentime altered since lockdown?

by Parm Mann on 22 May 2020, 16:31

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We're all still coming to grips with the ways in which Covid-19 has changed the world. Many of us will have developed new habits, some good, some bad, but from a tech perspective we're curious to know if screentime has altered at all.

Be it phone, PC or TV, we want to know if you've been spending more or less time staring at displays since lockdown started, and whether or not you deem it to be a positive change. Share your thoughts using the comments facility below.

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I'm spending less time, which is odd. Back in the pre corona days, my average working day would see me walk to work at about 7:30, sit in front of my work computer from 8 until 5ish, with a break for a walk at lunch, then TV or a movie in the evening and maybe some gaming. Now, I'm out on my bike at about 7am, work from 8:30 to five, with a 5KM walk at lunchtime, and sit in the garden or go for a walk in the evenings.

Maybe something to do with better screens in the office but I really can't be faffed to watch TV after a day in front of the computer at home
More screen time.
Full working day on the laptop, with extra time spent mucking around waiting for files to upload over the stupid-slow home internet, followed by all my usual time on the home PC. If anything, I have more time to read books on the Kindle app, plus get in some thumb-time on the ol' Gameboy SP.
As a retiree nothing really changed for me.
About the same.

Working in support means my workload's increased, so I'm mitigating the increase in work screentime by using the computer less in the evening and getting more exercise throughout the day.
Not really, cuz you see, what have become reality for so many people during this virus, well that is everyday for me, and have been for at least a decade.
And i am pretty okay with it all, cuz aside for maybe washing hands a bit more often, then nothing have changed for me, my only worry is getting the stuff and then bring it to my mother as i do shopping and other chores for the dear old sick lady.

On the personal level i look forward to dying, just hope to be able to do it with some honor VS crapping out in a bed over 10 years.

Also retired, however premature at the age of 50 which was some years ago. :ill: