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QOTW: What tech projects are you undertaking during lockdown?

by Parm Mann on 27 March 2020, 16:31

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Many of us are getting accustomed to spending more time indoors and, in an effort to minimise anxiety, we're all looking to keep ourselves occupied some way or another. For us tech aficionados, now is possibly an opportune time to get around to those projects we've had planned but have never gotten round to.

Perhaps you're inclined to embark on a new build, maybe it's time to put together that media server you always wanted, or is there a repair that's long overdue? Heck, you might even go the whole hog with a new gaming/cinema room.

Plenty of permutations and at the very least a pleasant distraction, so for this week's question we're asking: what tech projects are you undertaking during lockdown? We'd love to know, and if you're already in the midst of things, photos and regular updates would be most welcome.

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Im doing the opposite and looking at non tech projects during this time. Looking to try and build a Crokinole board.
I've sorted out a load of diy related to tech things. Moved surround system around a bit and hooked up all the devices to it properly ;)
Oh and today I moved our Virgin cable modem/router about a bit to get a better wifi coverage….
I do love them f-connectors and I 3d printed a wall mount
I wish I had the time.
WFH while around family all demanding my attention as well, I have even less time than usual!

Saying that, it'd be nice to strip down my blocks and retube. Just need to remember which brand of tubing was the best non-plasticiser…
I decided to build a new PC…..out of old parts.