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QOTW: What was your last PC component to fail?

by Parm Mann on 9 August 2019, 16:31

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Excuse us for tempting fate, but this week's question revolves around that dreaded moment when a PC component decides to give up, call it a day and go pop. Touch wood, I'm on a lucky streak myself, it has been years since I last had a component failure, and even then, it was an old optical drive that I never really missed.

How's your own luck? To get an idea of reliability among our readers, we're asking; what was your last PC component to fail? Let us know what happened, when it occured, and whether or not you know what caused the failure.

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4790k@4.7Ghz 1.28v, 2 months earlier h100i(5years)
PSU died, took the Motherboard with it.It happened last December. A friend give me his old Motherboard so I only needed to buy a new psu.
As it happens my GTX 670 gave up the ghost only last month, not exactly sure what part of the GPU broke as like most GPU failures it still worked when it was forced into a basic video mode.
Last thing to properly fail was a GTX 460 2GB. It just died and was a factory overclock model, so probably voltage regulation given how old it was by then.

I did have a 2600X that was never quite right and got sent back. It at least had the good grace to leave lots of info in the Linux kernel log that core 0 was constantly correcting errors in the L1 cache, and reboots on uncorrectable double bit errors. It was like that out of the box, not sure if DOA counts. At least it rebooted really fast :D
An Asus Z77 motherboard, late 2016 after 4 years use.