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QOTW: What is your most prized tech possession?

by Parm Mann on 10 May 2019, 16:31

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Tech plays such a large role in our modern lives that it is quite possible to become emotionally attached to certain devices, making them prized possessions that we come to treasure. For me, that accolade would go to the 50in Pioneer Kuro TV I purchased way back in 2008.

Said TV was one of the items my wife and I purchased for our first apartment, and at £1,795, it still ranks as the single most expensive piece of tech I've ever bought. Seemed a huge investment at the time - I can't imagine spending that amount on a gadget these days - but the same TV has since travelled with us to three different properties and is still going strong in our current home. To this day, I'm more than happy with the picture quality and continue to look forward to a movie night.

How about you, do you own a piece of tech that could be described as a prized possession? And if so, what makes it special? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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Think it has to be my OnePlus One. A bit like an old dog, she's been through a lot, and can't compete with younger phones but there's just something about this phone that I don't want to give up.
Without a doubt its my 2 Technics SL1200 mk 2 turntables. Coming in a close second are its younger cousins, the Denon SC5000M media players.
Got to be the old HD6990, the first (and last) dual you I ever bought!

Fondest memories, but it now lives on display along with all the old cards (Radeon 9550, HD5670, HD6670, HD7870 Tahiti LE, Fury X)….

And in a pinch it makes a great room heater!
i spent £3k on my 50“ pio plasma back in 2004, that was with £700 off. it lasted me 13 years till i replaced with a 65” 4k model last year, at a fraction of the price the pio was. the 60" model back then was £8k! was a great tv. it's been a while since i really felt like a piece of tech was prized though. first iphone was pretty cool at the time with that it could do, first PVR about 20 years ago was amazing stuff at the time, watching the same show you started recording before you got home and skipping through the ad's
“Most prized”?

That's hard, because different things have “value” to me (and I don't mean monetarily) in different ways.

For instance, a Mitchell turntable and Stax electrostatic phones are both prized, but both can either work together to give ‘benefit’ or can be used independently of each other, but with other hardware.

And how do I compare hifi with, for instance, scanners. I have film scanners, flatbed scanners (up to A3) and sheet-feeding auto-duplexing “document-imaging” scanners. All have been invaluable on one way or another, but how to decide if a high-res photi scanner is more “prized” than a high-speed doc-imaging scanner?

And the photo scanners, for my needs, require good printers, but how to compare an A3 (or even A2) inkjet photo printer, to a dye-sub printer? They have different but complementary uses.

And, of course, tying the whole lot together, and necessary to get the best out of them, is a quality colour-calibration device.

In other words, there's a synergy, as there is between different components in my hifi, and it's the system, the combination, that produces what I really value …. which is the result, be it high quality prints, or high quality sound.

And for the prints, I could also mention camera, or lens, or given that my particular passion in macro, even the £700 macro flash.

But again … synergy. With the fkash or lens, I wouldn't get a lot of images to print, and without printers, xalibeation, etc, I couldn't get the resukt I want, which is to print the images.

My point, I guess, is that I don't particularly value any tech item, and certainly not any single item. What I value is the capabilities they give me.